Woman claims man asks to have relationship after allegedly raping her
From the Courts
March 15, 2013

Woman claims man asks to have relationship after allegedly raping her

After allegedly raping a woman, Owyn “Blackman” Jackson, a resident of Mesopotamia, told her he wanted to have a relationship with her.{{more}}

This is what the court heard from the woman Jackson allegedly raped on January 21, 2012.

During the woman’s testimony on Tuesday, March 11 at the High Court, she said on the night in question, she had gone to a night spot in Richland Park with one of her cousins.

She said after hanging out for a few hours, she left and got a ride to the area where she lives. She said the area where she was dropped off was dark and she decided to urinate.

“I went to urinate close to a street light, but the light was not on. After pulling up my underwear and tights, I feel someone come behind me and put their hands over my eyes and when I was about to scream they put their hands over my mouth,” she recounted.

She added that her attacker told her “I was looking for you long time.”

She said her attacker kept “tugging” and “pulling” her and ordered her to walk through a grassy area.

“He made a stop and the street light from out the road came on and it was shining on us,” she said.

At that time, she told the court that she saw her attacker’s face and had seen him before.

She said it was Jackson.

Earlier in her testimony, she testified that she saw the accused in Belair walking in the road with coconuts in his hands some time before the alleged rape.

She further noted that her attacker spoke with her boyfriend at that time. On another occasion, she said she saw him at the Peace Memorial Hall and while there, he told her he knew her and her boyfriend and asked if she wanted to buy coconuts.

Continuing her testimony, the woman said “I realised I was going to get raped, so I screamed and he put his hand over my mouth and threatened to kill me.”

She said she did not attempt to fight back because she was afraid for her life.

“He push me on the ground on my tummy and told me to take off my clothes..”

The woman said Jackson then took off his clothes and raped her.

She said she asked him why he wanted to rape her and he replied, “I know your boyfriend and I been looking at you long time, but you never study me…” she testified.

According to the woman, the ordeal lasted approximately five minutes.

After the alleged rape, she said Jackson sat on a piece of rock and pulled her to sit next to him.

“I was so afraid for my life, I didn’t know what to do… He told me he will like me and him to have something…,” she said.

The woman said she understood that to mean that he wanted to have a relationship with her.

“He told me not to tell my boyfriend anything or he will kill me.”

She said she tried convincing her attacker that she would not tell her boyfriend about the incident.

Following the ordeal, she said Jackson took her back had where he had snatched her and then she went to her boyfriend’s home and told him what had happened.

The case continues at the High Court with Ayanna Baptiste-DaBreo leading the case for the crown and Assistant Director of Public Prosecutions Colin John appearing with her.

Jackson is unrepresented.

Justice Wesley James presides.