From the Courts
March 1, 2013
Bequia resident sentenced to 12 years for wounding with intent

One day before celebrating his 28th birthday, Deron Hazell was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment for wounding with intent.{{more}}

High Court judge Frederick Bruce-Lyle sentenced the Bequia resident on Friday, during sitting of the Criminal Assizes.

Hazell pleaded guilty to chopping his ex-girlfriend Givvon Bynoe.

Hazell, who was initially charged with attempted murder, pleaded not guilty to that charge and guilty to wounding with intent.

The court heard that on December 5, 2011, Bynoe was among a group of persons cleaning the road at La Pompe, when Hazell approached her with a cutlass and started firing chops at her.

The 25-year-old Paget Farm resident sustained chop wounds to her face, head, upper back and neck.

Following the attack, Hazell turned himself over to the police and handed in the weapon.

The court heard that Hazell had accused Bynoe of cheating on him and she ended the relationship because of his abusive nature.

Before handing down his sentence, Justice Bruce-Lyle said the crime was a very serious one and noted that the benchmark for sentencing in some cases, in light of what is taking place in this country’s society, needs to be revised.

In passing down sentence, Bruce-Lyle said he had to send a message to society that it is not acceptable for men to abuse women.

Hazell and Bynoe have two children together.

Attorney Jomo Thomas represented Hazell in the matter.(KW)