From the Courts
February 12, 2013

Two acquitted, two charged with Jennifer Lewis’ murder

Two of the four men charged with the murder of artist Jennifer Lewis were acquitted yesterday.Chief Magistrate Sonya Young found that Sheldon Gurley, 27, of Diamond and Jaden Daniel, 18, of Prospect did not have a case to answer before a judge and jury at the High Court.{{more}}

They were freed.

However, the other two men, Randy Gurley, 23, of Southwood and Yashangas McMillan, 18, of Brighton, will have to answer to the charge of murder, as they were sent to the High Court for trial.

Gurley and McMillan are accused of killing Lewis, 46, by shooting her in the chest sometime after 3 a.m. on Sunday, June 17, 2012.

Lewis was at home with her 88-year-old mother when she was shot. (KW)