20-year-old Nigerian on fraud charges
From the Courts
January 4, 2013

20-year-old Nigerian on fraud charges

A Nigerian fraudster will be sentenced today at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on two counts of fraud and deception.{{more}}

Twenty-year-old Maeromanus Ugwu, who told the court he is a medical student at the All Saints University in Belair, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to falsely representing himself to immigration officer Shawn Bradshaw, to be the son of Janet Jackson of Belair and for presenting a form A passport application and birth certificate in the name of Janet Jackson, pretending that Jackson was his mother.

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne held him in custody and stated that he will sentence Ugwu today, Friday.

In his explanation to the court, Ugwu told the magistrate that he arrived in the country in February 2012 and noted that he is scheduled to leave the state on February 27, 2013.

He noted that he obtained a scholarship in Nigeria and part from the University also. He said he was promised to be taken care of, but noted that he had to take care of himself while living here.

SEARCHLIGHT understands that Ugwu attends the same church as Jackson and she took him to live with her.

According to the young man, he told the court that Jackson was going file papers to adopt him.

The arresting officer in the matter informed the court that Jackson is currently on vacation in England and was not sure of her return date.

Another man, who was in court at the time and stated that he also attends the University here, told the court that Ugwu has been taking care of himself since he’s been here and noted that Ugwu has already written a book.

“I think he can go back to Nigeria and use his talents to get back here,” the man said.

Magistrate Browne told Ugwu he was too old to be adopted and that he wanted to know a bit more about the matter before sentencing.