Williams’ lawyer: Answers are not always a ‘yes or no’
From the Courts
October 9, 2012
Williams’ lawyer: Answers are not always a ‘yes or no’

Attorney representing embattled politician Burton Wiliams wants Crown Counsel Colin John to allow his client time to answer questions asked during cross-examination.{{more}}

At the trial in Kingstown yesterday, in which Williams is charged with attempted damage to property and that within the precincts of the House of Assembly, behaving in a manner in which a breach of peace was likely to be occasioned on January 28, 2011, defence counsel Andreas Coombs rose more than once to ask Senior Magistrate Donald Browne, that John allow Williams time to answer.

John, at the time, asked Williams questions and asked if it was “yes or no”.

Coombs said his client could be allowed to say, “I could not recall” instead of answering with yes or no.

“Saying yes or no is misleading,” Coombs argued.

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne said there was nothing wrong with John asking “yes or no?” after a question.

“ There’s nothing wrong in cross-examination if you ask yes or no,” Browne pointed out.

In reply, Coombs said answers are not always a “yes or no” and that one does not have to commit oneself to saying that.

“You can say, I can’t recall.”

The matter continues today at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court. (KW)