From the Courts
March 16, 2012
Try it again, you will get a little lead in your head, says Senior Magistrate

The next prisoner who attempts to use his or her own faeces as a weapon, in an effort to escape lawful custody at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court, will be shot.{{more}}

This warning has come from Senior Magistrate Donald Browne who addressed court on the matter on Monday, March 12.

“If you think you can come into the Magistrate’s office and try to do that, you will get a little lead in your head…,” Browne said, three days after a prisoner used his own faeces to escape from the court.

A visibly upset Browne said the man attacked him by coming into his office.

“I literally was afraid, because I did not know he was there. The law says If I am afraid, I can shoot…So when you all do all yo thing up there (prison), remember we have our small pieces down here, and we will use them…,” Browne warned.

“Any of you who have it in your minds to come down here and do what has been done to this court a fourth time will be sorry…,” Browne continued.

Browne described the man’s act as “nasty” and something that is only done by cats and dogs.

On March 9, Grafton McDowall attempted to attack a police officer with faeces. McDowall then gained access to Browne’s office, through which he then made good his escape.

“This is serious, extremely serious, and it will not be tolerated in this court nor any other court in St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

“What you are planning up there in the prison, tell them that we are ready for them down here this time, because four times is four times too many, and that is too much…,” Browne added.

“Grafton McDowall will now know what he will get. He won’t be in jail for two months, is three years this time. Let them do their defecation up there, not down here…,” he added.(KW)