From the Courts
September 23, 2011
Thomas acquitted of murder

Shortly after being acquitted of murder, 19-year-old Nigel Thomas touched the three other men with whom he had been charged, as he exited the Serious Offences court on Wednesday, September 21.{{more}}

Thomas, of Mesopotamia, was freed after a no-case submission was upheld by Chief Magistrate Sonya Young.

Attorney Lyndon George represented Thomas in the matter, in which Thomas, along with Shanroy Browne, 18, of Cane End; Romeal Diamond, 16, student of Mesopotamia and Jevon Hamlet, 18, student of Cane End, were charged with the murder of 20-year-old Lisbon Lavia of Sandy Bay on Decemer 19, 2010 at Heritage Square.

Young ruled that a prima facie case had been made out against the three other accused and, therefore, sent the matter to the High Court for trial at the next sitting of the Criminal Assizes.

Lavia succumbed to multiple stab and chop wounds about his body on December 19, 2010, at Heritage Square. It is alleged that a fight broke out between Lavia and a group of men, which resulted in his death.(KW)