From the Courts
August 26, 2011
Billy, Simmonett sentenced to two years for burglaries

The two burglars who were recently charged in connection with a spate of burglaries in and around Kingstown were on Tuesday, August 23, sentenced to two years in jail.{{more}}

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne passed the sentences on St Clair Billy, 41, labourer of Georgetown, and Meshalannie Simmonett, 18, an unemployed woman of Edinboro.

The duo pleaded guilty to entering the dwelling house of Sheldon Homer of Cane Garden/USA and stealing a quantity of items valued at $4,963 on August 11, 2011.

For entering the Dr Cecil Cyrus Musuem and stealing items valued at $6,988, the property of Mark Cyrus, Music producer of New Montrose; for stealing one Aiwa stereo valued at $1,300 and one Quartz clock valued at $80, property of Dr Cecil Cyrus, at New Montrose on July 31, 2011, and for entering the apartment of Quincy Lewis, 29, businessman of Murray’s Village and stealing items valued at $3,600 and damaging a metal door valued at $829 at Gibson Corner on July 30, 2011, Billy pleaded guilty, while for these charges, Simonnett pleaded not guilty.

When the duo re-appeared at court on Tuesday, one more charge was brought against them, to which Billy also pleaded guilty. They were charged with stealing and killing a black and white pig, the property of Nelson Lewis of Largo Heights between July 28 and 29, 2011.

Clearing her name in relation to that allegation, Simonnett said she had no knowledge of stealing a pig. She, however, stated that it was Billy who went into the pig’s pen and “stabbed” the pig with a cutlass. Referring to the pig as “Arnold”, Simonnett said the pig was fried and she was given some, but returned some of what she had been given.

For those matters for which she pleaded not guilty, Simonnett will be tried on December 6, 2011.