From the Courts
August 5, 2011
Prison count up by 43 at the end of July assizes

At the end of the July 2011 assizes, the population at Her Majesty’s Prisons stood at 460, 43 more than at the end of the last assizes.{{more}}

This figure was revealed on Friday, July 29, at the close of the Assizes at the High Court.

Presenting the figures, Chief Prison Officer Brian Andrews revealed that there are 321 males penal; 125 males on remand; seven females penal and seven females on remand.

119 males were sentenced by the High Court, while 202 were sentenced by the Magistrate’s Court. Three females sentenced by the High Court, while four were sentenced by the Magistrates’ Court.

Fifty three males are awaiting trial, while 72 await Preliminary Investigations. Four females await trial and three await Preliminary Investigations.

Thirty eight males are currently awaiting trial on murder charges, while 12 await Preliminary Investigations of murder charges.

Two males await sentencing and three await re-trials.

There are 16 non-nationals serving sentences; five awaiting Preliminary Investigations and eight awaiting trial.

Shorn Samuel and Patrick Lovelace are the only two inmates on death row.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle presided over the Assizes.