Lawyer for defendants calling on DPP to resign
From the Courts
July 29, 2011
Lawyer for defendants calling on DPP to resign

Following the conviction of Che Bute and Azari Ash for the murder of Lloyd “Lazo” Samuel, defense counsel in the matter, Carlyle Dougan Q.C., is calling on Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams to resign.{{more}}

Stating that he intends to appeal the men’s conviction on several grounds, Dougan told SEARCHLIGHT that it is “the worst case I have ever done against the crown in 42 years…”

On Wednesday, July 27, Bute and Ash were convicted for Samuel’s murder by a 12 member jury.

“In my judgement, (DPP) Colin Williams ought not to have brought a case based on a statement given to the police two and a half years after an alleged killing….The statement was made by a confused liar; a thief and a dishonest man…”.

Counsel was at the time referring to star prosecution witness Uroy “Laybay” Williams. Williams, who has several convictions and matters pending before the courts, testified under oath that he was present when Bute and Ash plotted to kill Samuel.

“Williams is not fit to be DPP of this country and he ought to resign. I have no doubt that the two defendants, now prisoners, wll be vindicated on several grounds we propose to file soon,” Dougan asserted.

Dougan also accused the DPP of suppressing the evidence of potential witnesses who could have testified they saw the person who ran away from the scene of shooting that night, including the son of the deceased man.

“This decision, based on the facts, will be overturned in law. Trust me!”

Lawyer Jomo Thomas, who represented Bute, also stated that while he respects the jury’s verdict, he, too, will be appealing on several grounds.

“…There are a number of areas in which we can appeal and we intend to pursue that,” Thomas confirmed.