From the Courts
May 20, 2011
Scott gets two years for cannabis possession

The next two years of David’s Scott’s life will be spent a Her Majesty’s Prisons.{{more}}

That’s because on Tuesday, May 10, 2011, Scott, 44, of Cane End, pleaded guilty to possession of 17,306 grams of cannabis when he appeared at the Serious Offences Court before Chief Magistrate Sonya Young.

The court heard that on Sunday, March 6, 2011, Police officers went to the home of Scott to execute a search warrant. During their search, officers found several taped packages, bags and containers containing the cannabis.

When cautioned, Scott told police officers that he brought the weed from Lowmans.

Mitigating on Scott’s behalf, lawyer Sylvester Raymond Cadette told the court that his client was under heavy pressure because he has loans to repay and a sick father to look after.

Cadette pleaded with the magistrate not to impose a custodial sentence on his client, but instead impose a financial penalty.

Cadette’s submission did not hold water with Chief Magistrate Young who pointed to the fact that Scott had a previous conviction of a similar nature.(KW)