From the Courts
February 11, 2011
‘Rambo’ arrested on gun charge

Nearly four years after beating a murder charge, Sylvester “Rambo” Allen is back behind bars.{{more}}

Allen, 32, of Peruvian Vale, was sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty at the Serious Offences Court on gun and ammunition possession on Monday, February, 7.

Allen was arrested and charged on October 27, 2010, for having a Pietro Beretta 380 semi-automatic pistol and 10 rounds of ammunition in his possession.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young sentenced Allen to three years on the gun charge and two years for the ammunition. Both sentences will run concurrently.

The court heard that members of the Drug squad executed a search warrant at Allen’s home, where the gun was found under a couch. When questioned, Allen said he found the gun and the ammunition at Mt. Wynne beach in a sock.

Allen, along with Atiba “Crimo” Waldron, deceased, were acquitted in 2007 of the double murders of Brian “Free-I” Lewis and George “Nikki” Browne, after a no case submission was upheld by Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle. (KW)