From the Courts
November 19, 2010
Mack sentenced to 10 years for aggravated burglary

In addition to his three-year sentence, David Mack will spend a further 10 years behind bars after being found guilty of an aggravated burglary charge.{{more}}

On Friday, November 12, at the High Court’s criminal assizes, Mack, 37, of Chester Cottage, was found guilty by a nine member jury after two days of trial.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle handed down the sentence.

The Court heard that Mack entered the home of Gwenetta Burke as a trespasser with intent to rape, and at the time of the incident had a knife in his possession.

According to Burke’s testimony, on November 30, 2009, she secured her home around 11pm and went to bed with her four-year-old son.

At about 2:15am, Burke said she heard a noise from within the house and thought it was her boyfriend. She said she shouted her boyfriend’s name, but suddenly realised it was Mack, a man she said she had known for over 14 years.

The woman told the court that Mack said: “Peggy” (Gwenetta) ah wife me want and if yo scream ah go kill yo.”

Burke said she pretended to comply with Mack’s demands by telling him that she was not going to have sex without a condom or in front of her four year-old son, who was still asleep.

Mack agreed and Burke led him out of the bedroom. While walking in front of him, she said she ran out of the house and went to the neighbour’s house to seek help, at which time Mack fled the scene.

A report was then made to the Georgetown Police Station and Mack was subsequently arrested and charged.

In his testimony, Mack told the court that he was in Mesopotamia singing at a Karaoke event on the night of the incident. He also brought two witnesses to the stand, one of which could not recall him singing at a karaoke and the other could not remember the date.

Mack is currently serving a three and a half year custodial sentence for possession of an unlicensed firearm. Both sentences will run consecutively.

Attorney and police officer, Station Sergeant Colin John, led the crown’s case. Carl Williams and Sejilla McDowall appeared with him in the matter.