Prosecutor – Expert witness will make a connection
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August 24, 2010
Prosecutor – Expert witness will make a connection

Prosecutor Inspector Adolphus Delpesche, has made it clear that he will “close play” if expert testimony does not link a shooting incident at Richland Park to the murder of Cuthbert “Cutty” May,{{more}} at Rose Place last October.

When the prosecution called witness Lenroy Caine to the stand on Monday, at the Preliminary Inquiry at the Serious Offences Court, it was in relation to him being shot in the stomach, while at home in Richland Park.

Raffique Dopwell and Marshall Hadaway have been charged in connection with May’s murder.

A highly baffled attorney, Kay Bacchus-Browne, while listening to Caine’s testimony, rose to her feet and asked what was the relevance of Caine’s testimony.

“I don’t see the relevance of a shooting at Richland Park….I am wondering if I am in the right court because the matter I am dealing with took place in Rose Place,” Bacchus-Browne stated.

Chief Magistrate Sonya Young, who was of the same view as Bacchus-Browne, asked the prosecutor what was the relevance of testimony about Caine being shot at Richland Park at the home of Ishmael Cupid. “I am listening to this information and I don’t have a clue. I’m in a vacuum,” Young said.

In his response, Delpesche said, “Your worship, the expert witness will make a connection to the case…the prosecution would have discovered certain things from the scene in Richland Park and Bottom Town (Rose Place).”

Young said she hopes that the expert witness is going to make the link in a material way. She added that a copy of the expert report should be given to the defence in order to assist with cross-examination.

“I don’t waste time your Worship…if it does not link, I will call it close of play,” Delpesche noted.

May succumbed to a single gunshot wound to the left side of his back while playing dominoes last year. It was reported that on October 13, 2009 a masked gunman approached May and shot him from a distance of about 20 feet. (KW)