From the Courts
March 19, 2010
Prison count stands at 367 at end of Assizes

At the end of the Criminal Assizes earlier this week, the total population at Her Majesty’s Prison stood at 367.

Part of that figure revealed a total 280 males on penal and 75 on remand. There are eight females on penal, while four of them are currently on remand.{{more}}

One hundred and nineteen males were sentenced by the High Court while the Magistrate’s Court sentenced 161. Seven females were sentenced by the High Court and the Magistrate’s Court sentenced only one.

30 males are awaiting trial and 19 more are awaiting trial on murder charges. Three females will also face murder trials.

Sixteen non-nationals are currently serving sentences. Some of those nationalities include: four Trinidadians, two Barbadians, three Grenadians, four St Lucians, and one a each from Jamaica, Santo Domingo and Guyana.

Shorn Samuel and Patrick Lovelace are the two inmates on death row.