From the Courts
March 12, 2010
‘Parch Nuts’ back in court

Jemark “Parch Nuts” Jackson is back in court once again, facing charges for theft of a pig. Jackson and two other young men were spared prison after they promised the Senior Magistrate that they would turn their lives around.{{more}}

The boys, Jemark Jackson, 16, Ali James, 18, and Ulrick Bailey, 17, all of Old Montrose, appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, March 9, 2010.

They were charged with stealing a 150lb boar pig worth $800, the property of Wesley John of Edinboro. They pleaded guilty to the offence which occurred on October 11, 2009.

While in the defendant’s box, two of the three boys bickered about who had indeed stole the pig and sold the meat. The Police were unable to retrieve the meat.

Senior Magistrate Donald Browne, after giving them stern words on the harsh life in prison and how disappointed he was in their behaviour, asked the boys to give him a reason why he should not send them to prison.

Bailey spoke up saying that he had nothing to do with the theft of the pig and he was tricked by “Parch Nuts”.

Jackson also spoke up, refuting Bailey’s claims, and added that they were all in it together. “Is the three ah wey went, dor tell no lie,” Jackson said. Bailey rebutted exclaiming “Parch nuts, you real lie!”

They continued back and forth for a short while, on about who sold the meat and to whom it was sold and who was involved, much to the amusement of persons inside the court. The boys were silenced by the Magistrate who then asked them to give him a reason not to send them to jail.

Bailey who said he used to attend the St. Clair Deacon Secondary School said that he wants to go back to school, get off the streets and help out his mother.

James, who had barely said anything up to this point, said that he does construction work and that he would save his money and repay the complainant for the pig.

Jackson, who claimed he also does construction, said that he would pay compensation for the pig.

Each boy also promised the Magistrate that they would try their best to keep out of trouble and to not come back to court. They were each placed on a bond for one year. If breached they will each pay $2,000 or serve one year in prison. They were also ordered to pay compensation of $267 each in one month or serve 6 months in prison.