From the Courts
March 5, 2010
Glasgow’s legal troubles end

A 25-year-old man from Campden Park, who was charged for causing the death of Carlos George on Boxing Day 2008, was acquitted at the High Court last Wednesday, February 24, 2010.{{more}}

A nine-member jury returned a verdict of not guilty on both counts of manslaughter and causing death by dangerous driving shortly after 3pm.

In a riveting summation, Glasgow’s Lawyer Ronald Marks said that the crux of the prosecution’s case was that his client was speeding and that is what caused the collision into Duncan’s Furniture Store’s retaining wall in Pembroke.

Marks examined the prosecution’s case bit-by-bit and sought out their weaknesses. In the evidence of Jasrick Matthias, the other passenger in the vehicle on the tragic day, he said that Glagsow was driving the vehicle close to 80 miles per hour and upon reaching Pembroke, he picked up speed. Furthermore, Matthias claimed that George and himself were involved in a conversation about girls and school and that Glasgow was not involved much in their conversation.

Another prosecution witness, Anthony Antoine, who was at the time operating a business in the area of Marty’s Supermarket, noted that he “heard tyres squeaking and when I look to my right, I see two cars and the one behind lost it tyre and mek three swagga in de road.”

Addressing the jury, Marks said that it was impossible for Matthias to know at what speed Glasgow was traveling. “This is what they are relying on. A man with no license (Matthias) never looked at the speedometer and he was in the back of the vehicle talking about girls,” Marks stated.

The prominent lawyer added that the expert witness that came before the court noted that there was no evidence that speeding caused the wheel to come off. Marks also pointed out that there was a continuous indentation in the pitch leading up to the point of impact. “The prosecution must show that speed caused the wheel to depart… this is an accident in its truest form, and it is clear that something went wrong with that vehicle before the point of impact,” Marks asserted. (KW)