From the Courts
February 12, 2010

Smoking Ganja at Bay View Car Park

If you enjoy smoking weed in public, the Bay View Car Park is not the place to be.{{more}}

A number of drug related cases heard at the Serious Offences Court on Monday, February 8, stemmed from a beefed up police presence in the area between Friday night and early Saturday morning.

Members of the Special Services Unit (SSU), monitoring a weekly function held at the venue, were able to apprehend five persons either in possession of or using drugs.

Old Montrose resident Alphonso Julien and Jose Alexander of Queen’s Drive were individually charged with possession of ten and 13 grams of cannabis, respectively, while police were on patrol in the vicinity.

The men were searched and the drug was found on both men, who pleaded guilty.

Julien was fined $100 following his guilty plea and Alexander $160.

Two men actually caught smoking marijuana were Shane Weekes of Campden Park and Michael Jackson, who resides at Cane Garden.

Police saw the men smoking ‘what appeared to be cannabis’ and apprehended them.

Both Jackson and Weekes entered guilty pleas and received fines of $150 each.

Also pleading guilty and receiving a fine of $300 was Gerald Deane of Argyle. He was charged with the possession of one rock of cocaine.

In summing up one of the cases, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young enquired of the defendant “What makes you think it is legal to smoke marijuana in plain view? The Bay View Car Park must be a special place.” (JJ)