From the Courts
February 12, 2010
‘Crampy’ Cyrus PI begins

The Preliminary Inquiry into the stabbing death of Komer ‘Crampy’ Cyrus got off to a shaky start this week with a number of witnesses for the prosecution being unaccounted for.{{more}}

When the enquiry got started on Monday, six of the anticipated 14 witnesses gave evidence in the matter, with the prosecution hoping to locate the rest for the next hearing date of March 30, 2010.

Layou Brothers Andrew and Peter Hazlewood are jointly charged with the stabbing death of Cyrus also of Layou at the Leeward Bus Terminal on August 29, 2009.

First to give evidence was Surgical Pathologist Dr. Ronald Child who performed a post mortem on Cyrus on August 31, 2009.

His evidence was followed by that of Police Constable Kemuel Samuel, who is incidentally the cousin of Cyrus.

Samuel was the police officer present during the post mortem examination.

Sergeant Paul Jones, who is assigned to the Criminal Records Office, testified to photographing the scene of the crime and the body of the deceased for the office’s records.

Evidence was also heard from businessman Elmore Phillips and former student Tonne Edwards. They told the court what they saw on the day of the murder.

An acquaintance of Cyrus and the Hazlewoods, Shawn Walker, also gave evidence, testifying to speaking to one of the accused concerning Cyrus on the day he was killed.

Prosecutor Inspector Nigel Butcher was chided by both Chief Magistrate Sonya Young and counsel for the accused Nicole Sylvester for his inability to present more witnesses since the matter had been before the court since September.

In his defense, Butcher informed the court that witnesses were difficult to locate, given that they were spread throughout the island, and that some had relocated since the incident.

All three had agreed to proceed with the hearing despite the setback rather than striking out the case, given the seriousness of the charge. (JJ)