From the Courts
December 23, 2009
Criminal Assizes on a Christmas break

What may be considered a grueling Criminal Assizes came to a close on Friday, December 18, at the High Court in Kingstown.{{more}}

Although the length of the assizes was extended to accommodate more cases, only a paltry number was dealt with as one matter lasted exactly one month and a day.

Director of Public Prosecutions, Colin Williams, who only prosecuted one case at the assizes, extended gratitude to Lawyers Duane Daniel and Carl Williams for holding down the entire assizes in his absence.

Williams also praised presiding judge Gertel Thom for her thorough summations at the end of every trial and her guidance on the law.

In her remarks, Justice Thom expressed concerned about the number of persons awaiting trial, even though the assizes were designed to accommodate more cases. Thom told the DPP that it was a very serious matter that needs attention soon.

Thom also used the opportunity to thank the court staff and the jurors for their cooperation and dedication throughout the entire assizes.

The next Criminal Assizes will begin in January 2010 at the High Court.