From the Courts
August 14, 2009
Clint Miller fined $350 for 10 cannabis plants

Persons caught with marijuana continue to give Chief Magistrate Sonya Young the same excuse. “It is for asthma”.{{more}}

Clint Miller only added to that list of persons on Tuesday this week when he pleaded guilty to cultivating 10 plants of cannabis. “Your Worship, is for me and me child asthma,” the New Montrose labourer explained.

Chief Magistrate Young fined him $350 in one month or one month imprisonment.

The court heard that Miller was picked up by police and taken to the Central Police Station on August 10. He was then taken back to his premises to secure his house. While there, officers went into the backyard and saw the plants. When cautioned by the police officers, Miller replied: “Give me ah chance na. How you go mek me go ah jail?”

Young told Miller that if the marijuana plants were used for asthma, he would not need that many plants. “If it was just two plants I might have understood, but not ten at all,” Young stated.(KW)