From the Courts
March 13, 2009
Man fined for threatening Police

Another man has been fined for threatening a police officer. On Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court, Chief Magistrate Sonya Young fined Aubrey Rose $400 for threatening a Port Police Officer with a knife.{{more}}

Rose, a labourer, of Old Montrose, pleaded guilty to threatening Port Police Officer 007 Anthony Campbell at the Grenadines wharf on Tuesday, March 10th, 2009.

Rose was ordered to pay the fine within one week or go to prison for one month.

The Court heard that at approximately 5:30 pm on the day in question, Campbell was on duty when he saw the defendant walking towards the wharf. Rose tried to enter at Gate 7, which only allows for the entry of vehicles. Officer Campbell told Rose that he could not enter there, but Rose insisted that he be allowed to pass.

After several attempts to prohibit Rose from entering, Campbell drew his baton to fend him off. Rose then pulled out a silver switchblade from his pocket and told the officer that he would kill him if he struck him with the baton.

Rose, however, gave another side to the story. He explained that he thought the officer was joking when he chucked him and told him not to enter. Rose said he realised it was serious when Campbell pulled out his baton. “I ain’t been going by the gate. I was waiting for the boat to dock. I tell the officer, if yo hit me, I go tek my knife and stab yo,” Rose admitted.

Chief Magistrate Young asked Rose why he threatened to stab the Officer, but he did not respond. “The Police Officer’s duty is to protect the peace,” she stated.

Last week, Senior Magistrate Donald Browne fined a man $350 for threatening Police Officers with a cutlass. (KW)