From the Courts
November 23, 2007
Teens to know fate November 30

Two young men of Dorsetshire Hill are not looking forward to November 30, 2007.{{more}}

This is the date when Devron Greaves, 16 and Maxin Stephens, 19, both of the same address will be sentenced for theft.

Both men appeared at the Kingstown Magistrates Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to stealing appliances valued at over $12,000 the property of Colin Edwards of Cane Hall.

The duo was charged on June 21, 2007 with stealing the items and also with damaging the left rear corner glass of Edwards’ Land Rover vehicle valued at $2000. They also pleaded guilty to that charge.

It was said that Edwards parked and secured his vehicle in the Kenmars car park and went away only to return to meet his items missing. Some of the articles were however, recovered.

Mitigating on Greaves behalf, Lawyer Vynette Frederick said that his involvement was indicative of him wanting to fit in. Frederick said that Greaves admitted to being the look out but didn’t look good enough. She added he was liming in the company of the others but wasn’t aware they were planning to commit a crime. Frederick stated that his actions didn’t warrant a custodial sentence, and if sent to jail he would only come out a hardened. “I think this is big wake up call for him,” Frederick said. (KW)