Seven years for attempted robbery
From the Courts
September 28, 2007

Seven years for attempted robbery

When the judgment was laid down, seven years in prison echoed in Devon Clarke’s ears.{{more}}

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle handed down the penalty on Tuesday at the High Court, after Clarke, 21, of Bridgetown, Biabou, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery.

Clarke’s brush with the law came on May 11 this year around 11 p.m. At that time, Joyce Baynes, a vendor of Murray’s Village, was packing her belongings into her car at the Windward Bus Terminal when she saw the defendant pass behind her. About five minutes later she said the defendant returned with a stocking on his face and a gun pointed towards her demanding money.

Baynes said she threw a bucket at the defendant who fled the scene. Her daughter, Sheron Baynes, and another person gave chase by motor vehicle, but were unsuccessful in apprehending him.

Police, however, caught up with the defendant and found a brown stocking in his back pants pocket.

“You love to play gunman? This is the second time you are doing something like this where you pointed a gun at someone and were bonded for a year,” said Justice Bruce-Lyle.

Clarke said he had a rough childhood and lost both parents at a young age and was left in the care of his brothers and sisters who never paid him any attention. The judge said that that was no excuse for his behaviour, and such matters should be dealt with severely. “We are getting fed up of this.

Do you want to turn this place into cowboy territory?” asked Bruce-Lyle. (KW)