From the Courts
September 28, 2007

Carpenter on four year curfew

Instead of serving a custodial sentence, 19-year-old Kimron Primus has been placed on a 7pm and 5am curfew for the next four years. Failure to keep his curfew would see him thrown in jail for four years.{{more}}

This was the sentence Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle slammed on the Fairhall carpenter on Wednesday when he appeared at the High Court on a robbery charge.

The young man stared down the perils of going to prison, but Justice Bruce-Lyle was lenient on him, since he was gainfully employed as a carpenter, and because of his age.

Primus was charged with robbing Leslie Davis, a shop operator of Belmont, of $1461 on October 31, 2007. Primus was ordered to pay compensation by December 22 or spend four years behind bars.

The court heard that at about 8.15pm the defendant went into Davis’ shop and purchased a Digicel phone card. Davis said the defendant came back moments later and asked for a pack of salted peanuts. At this time Davis said she got suspicious of his movements and called the police.

Primus then returned again with a gun in his hand and a bandana over his face and demanded Davis hand over the bucket with the money in it. He then fled the scene.

Police subsequently apprehended Primus and arrested and charged him.

The judge warned Primus not appear before him again, “I’m giving you one chance just because you don’t have any previous convictions.” He urged Primus to stay out of trouble and make something of himself.(KW)