Mother of six gets three years
From the Courts
August 17, 2007

Mother of six gets three years

Not even the fact that she is the mother of six children was enough to save Kashorn John of Campden Park from going to jail for three years for having an unlicenced firearm at her home.{{more}}

According to reports, police from the Questelles Police Station were on foot patrol in Campden Park when they saw John standing at the back of her house with a black knapsack resting on an unfinished window ledge.

The police state that they saw a man come from the front yard about 20ft from where John was and tell her something. When John saw the police, she picked up the bag and began to run.

When the police caught up with her and asked her for the bag she stated that she had given it to the man. They then looked through the open window of the house and saw the knapsack near to a young child. The police said when they searched the knapsack, it was found to contain the firearm. John denied ownership of the shotgun.

She was then cautioned and taken to the Questelles Police Station and charged.

In her defence, John claimed that a man had given her the bag to hide and told her the police were coming. She said she had just picked up the bag and was about to search in it when the police arrived on the scene.

John said that the bag felt as though a gun was in it, and that is why she threw the bag through the window.

John was sentenced on Thursday August 9th at the Serious Offences Court.(SB)