From the Courts
July 20, 2007
Police officer charged with vehicle violations

A police officer of Georgetown has been arrested and charged with four counts of motor vehicle violations.{{more}}

Keith Andrews of Mount Bentick, 26, a member of the Rapid Response Unit was on Saturday charged with failing to renew his driver’s license on his birthday June 2nd.

Andrews also drove motor vehicle PJ761 without the relevant registration and insurance, and was also charged with driving the vehicle in a manner dangerous to the public on June 30th 2007.

On the night on June 30th, the vehicle Andrews was driving struck 22-year-old Alvis Quashie of Georgetown, resulting in his hospitalization.

Quashie suffered hip and head injuries, and was flown to Trinidad where he underwent surgery and is receiving medical attention.

Andrews has been suspended, pending the outcome of ongoing investigations.(JJ)