From the Courts
May 4, 2007
Drug fight: ‘Dem throw cocaine fo we scramble’

A DARING SCRAMBLE for some cocaine, which resulted in a man being injured, has landed a Kingstown labourer behind bars for the next six weeks.

Joe Bobb, 30, appeared at the Serious Offences Court on Wednesday and told the court that, “dem throw cocaine fo we scramble and I lash him with a piece of board”.{{more}}

Bobb was arrested and charged with assault and bodily harm after striking Christopher Isaccs of Campden Park with a piece of board after he refused to give Bobb money which he asked him for.

Bobb told the court that some people threw cocaine on the ground and he and Isaacs scurried quickly to grab the illegal substance.

He said while on the ground, he took a piece of board and struck Isaacs on his leg.

When he appeared in court on Monday, Bobb was crying for excruciating pain and told Magistrate Simone Churaman that police made him swallow a bottle cap, an inhaler and two hand clips.

He was quickly whisked away to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital.

When he returned to court on Wednesday, after being sentenced, Bobb sat on the prisoners’ bench and placed a piece of plastic in his mouth and swallowed.

He was again quickly taken away by the officers.