‘Kong’ caged: Medical College burglar gets 10 years in prison
From the Courts
April 27, 2007

‘Kong’ caged: Medical College burglar gets 10 years in prison

The man who has carved an ugly scar on this country’s tourism industry was sent to prison for 10 years on Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court.

Raphael “King Kong” Robinson, 32, of Prospect pleaded guilty to all 26 charges of burglary that were laid against him.

Robinson was charged with breaking and entering apartments occupied by students of the Kingstown Medical College causing about half the students to flee the country and return to Grenada and risk a possible closure of that institution.

Nationals of South Africa, Canadians, Americans, British, Europeans, Trinidadians and Vincentians had their places of abode violated by King Kong between January 20 and April 1, 2007.

He is said to have entered cottages at the Young Island Resort and residences of medical college students living in the Ratho Mill area and stealing a large quantity of household items including cell phones and money.

King Kong’s escapades took place while the tourists at Young Island were asleep or at the restaurant.

The court also heard that he was able to enter the smallest of openings for a man of his build. The court heard that he broke into one student’s apartment and stole her cellular phone while she was preparing a meal in the kitchen. She went to her bedroom only to discover her phone gone and US$250 missing from her purse.

Robinson was jointly charged with two others, Keithroy Nanton, 18, labourer of Prospect and David Fairburne, 20, labouer of Lowmans Leeward. Nanton received 24 months for his role in two of the offences while Fairbain pleaded guilty to one of the two charges against him and was given a four-month sentence suspended for one year after a powerful mitigation plea by attorney Grant Connell. The young lawyer said that his client was not aware of the company he kept had such bad habits.

Connell praised the officers for doing a marvelous job and executing the duties to the fullest. “The police must be commended for caging the animal who brought discomfort to the society.”

Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman chided Robinson for his deceitful acts. “You have managed to damage the tourism sector, you have damaged the medical college and caused students to go back to their places of origin.” Magistrate Churaman said that a strong message needs to be sent out to the public for such offences.

“The public needs to be protected from you and we have to send this message out there,” said Churaman. She also commended the investigating officers for the professionalism and the short space of time in which the matter was dealt with.

Station Sergeant Trevor Bailey headed the investigating team along with Corporal 201 Ballantyne, Cpl 281 Archibald, PC 564 Robinson and PC 606 Hoyte.