From the Courts
March 2, 2007

Teenager gets two years for gun, ammo charge

A Rillan Hill teenager is now behind bars for the next 24 months after being found guilty of having a Desert Eagle nine-millimeter pistol and 18 rounds of ammunition in his possession on December 31, 2006.

Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman found that there was enough evidence to find the 18-year-old Ira Dunbar guilty as charged.{{more}}

The prosecution stated that during a search conducted by the police on a house where Dunbar was met, the unlicensed firearm was found under a carpet in one of the bedrooms.

Dunbar told the court that he did not live at that house and that he was living at the home of one June Coombs at the time. He said that he only slept at the house that night because he and another guy who lived at Coombs’ home had had an altercation. “My worship I only sleep by the house because me and de boy bin geh in ting earlier and me ain bin war hang round he,” said Dunbar.

Dunbar told the court that someone who lives in Layou owned the house and but no one occupies it. He also said that persons normally “chill out” at the house from time to time.

Dunbar added that while sleeping on the floor he heard a knocking on the door about three times. He said when he answered the door he was not shown a warrant and the officers slapped him after they found the weapon in the bedroom.

In her evidence, Coombs said it was true that he was living at her home for about a year but she did not know his real name. “I ain’t really know he real name, I know they dus call him jacket or sumting so.”

Prosecutor Station Sergeant Butcher found it rather strange that the gun was found at the time when Dunbar occupied the house. Butcher also said that officers knocked on the door about five times as they heard objects inside moving about. He also said this was when Dunbar was making attempts to hide the gun.