From the Courts
February 16, 2007
FIU aware of US $103,000 seizure

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) is very much aware of the circumstances involving the seizure of US$103,000 by their counterparts at the Customs Department.

Searchlight has learned that two weekends ago, a television set imported into this country by courier was found to contain the United States currency in the back of the set.{{more}} Reports indicate that the fact that the used older model television set had been brought in by courier apparently aroused the suspicions of the Customs Officer, who then opened the set and found the loot.

It is not clear if anyone has been charged in connection with the incident, but when asked to comment, all the FIU would offer is that they are “on top of the matter.

“As with all cases involving cash seizures of suspicious origins, the FIU acts in accordance with its mandate.”