Teenage girls plead guilty to shoplifting
From the Courts
February 9, 2007

Teenage girls plead guilty to shoplifting

Three young ladies who pled not guilty at the Serious Offences Court last week on a number of theft charges had a sudden change of heart on Tuesday at the Kingstown Magistrates Court when the trio changed their plea to guilty.

Maliaka Westfield, 18, of Long Wall, Nicole Craigg, 19 also of Long Wall and 16 year-old Shakeisha Craigg were charged on January 29 with entering Royal Bazaar and Centrex and stealing a quantity of items ranging from hair and skin care products to household items and clothing.{{more}}

Westfield, who breached a January bond for a similar offence had to pay $1000 forthwith or spend six months behind bars.

For the two shoplifting charges that were laid against her, Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne, fined her $150 each to be paid within two months or spend three months in prison.

Nicole Craigg was also fined $100 forthwith and ordered to pay $150 on each charge of theft. She has to pay the fine within two months or go to jail for three months. As for Shakeisha, a one-year bond in the sum of $1000 was slapped on her. Failure to keep the terms of the bond imposed, she would face a three-month prison sentence.

Nicole Craigg and Westfield however had to face other recent charges of theft. They were reprimanded and discharged for them.