From the Courts
February 2, 2007
Magistrate: ‘I am highly disgusted with your attire’

An unacceptable dress code seems to be a growing problem at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court and Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne is doing everything in his power to help curb the situation.

On Tuesday at the court, one man came to court dressed in a short trousers and a t-shirt bearing writings on it.{{more}}

“You want to wear a swimming suit or something? You need to come to this court dressed properly, you have the nerve to come to my court dressed in short pants.”

Magistrate Browne noted that a high level of respect must be shown whenever someone enters the courtroom and that they must be properly attired. “Those writings on your shirt look as if you are playing Carnival or something.

The defendant who was told to stand by the door said he had come to court before but not Browne’s court and did not know he could not wear shorts.

“If you come back to this court dressed like this, is up the road you would be going, I am highly disgusted with you all dressing like this and it must stop; no carnival t-shirts! You fully well know you are supposed to wear pants and a shirt,” said Browne.