From the Courts
January 26, 2007
Williams: ‘Ah weed mek me run’

Lemuel Williams a 32 year-old Sailor of Rose Hall was fined $1400 on Wednesday at the Serious Offences Court after pleading guilty to having 704 grams of cannabis in his possession.

Williams was given until February 23 to pay the fine or spend four months in prison.{{more}}

The court heard that at about midday on August 21 last year, Rose Hall police received certain information on the defendant and acted on it.

Williams was at the time travelling in a van which was stopped by the police. When the van stopped, Williams quickly jumped out and began to run. After unsuccessful summonses by the officers, he was shot in his leg whereupon he dropped a backpack that he was carrying over his shoulders.

He was caught and cautioned by the officers and replied, “ah weed way mek me run.”

Legal representative for Williams, Arthur Williams told Chief Magistrate Simone Churaman that his client has suffered tremendously and had to spend a month and a week at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. Williams also begged the Magistrate to be lenient with him and impose a financial penalty.