From the Courts
January 12, 2007
Sergeant on $500 bond

From now until January next year, Raphael Brown Sergeant would have to be on his best behavior to avoid going to prison for six months.

On Tuesday at the Kingstown Magistrate’s Court the 47 year-old Kingstown Hill resident was placed on a bond in the sum of $500 after pleading guilty to entering his mother’s home and destroying items.{{more}}

At about 7.30 pm on Monday Sergeant went to the home of Ilca Browne at New Montrose to collect something that was sent for him. On arrival at her home, Sergeant started cursing his mother. At the time of the incident, Browne was having supper with her family. The court heard that the defendant went into the house and lifted up the table where Browne was and threw all the items off it.

The police was called in and Sergeant was taken to the Central Police Station.

In his testimony to the court, Sergeant stated that his daughter was being rude to him at the time and that he was going to hit her but his hands hit the table and knocked it over.

He was also ordered to pay $140 compensation in one month or go to prison for three months.