From the Courts
December 15, 2006

Fisherman charged for 125 grams of cannbis

The pleas of Twenty-nine year-old fisherman Rodwell Hunte of Clare Valley were enough to convince Acting Senior Magistrate Donald Browne to spare him a jail sentence.

Instead he was made to pay $500 in seven days or spend nine months at Her Majesty’s Prison. He was charged on December 8 for having 124 grams of cannabis in his possession.{{more}}

Police were in the Quarry area when the defendant was spotted with a plastic bag in his hand. Apparently recognising the police presence, Hunte fled the scene and was later apprehended.

When the court asked Hunte why did he have the cannabis he said, “Your worship is a small piece ah ting I been ha.” Hunte informed the Magistrate that he moved to Clare Valley to stay out of trouble but got caught up, “I use to follow bad company and that is why I move from town, I sorry my worship please don’t send me jail.” Hunte said that he was the sole breadwinner for his family and that he was remorseful for his actions.