Carelessness caused case to be thrown out
From the Courts
November 24, 2006

Carelessness caused case to be thrown out

The case against 25-year old Eversly Ralph of Sion Hill who was charged with the misuse of drugs was thrown out because prosecutors could not find the file reports to substantiate their charge.

In the Serious Offences Court on Monday November 20, Ralph’s lawyer Bayliss Frederick lashed out at the incompetence of the prosecuting police that brought the case against his client and described the arrest of his client as being “unfair.”{{more}}

The veteran lawyer stated that in all his years of practice, the excuse of not having the court documents has never occurred and that he was disgusted by the carelessness of the police and found their behaviour “unjust and down right ridiculous.”

He argued that in December 2005 his client should have never been charged since he claimed that there was not sufficient evidence to even bring an arrest.

He alleged that the police were perhaps only trying to buy time from the Court to try to build a case against his client by saying that the appropriate documents could not be found and called on the judge to dismiss the case.