From the Courts
November 10, 2006

Knocking out woman’s tooth costs man $750

It does not matter if you are in a heated argument with a woman, you never let your emotions get the best of you and hit her.

This was a lesson learnt by Elroy “Peppy” Cambridge, a steel bender of Questelles, who boxed Yolande Williams three times in her mouth knocking out a tooth.{{more}}

Williams was lucky to be fined $750 by Acting Senior Magistrate, Donald Browne when he appeared at the Kingstown Magistrate Court on Tuesday.

He was given one month to pay the fine or go to jail for six months.

On June 27, 2006 Williams, a janitor of Ottley Hall, said she was coming from work around 6:15 pm and was walking in the area of Randy Supermarket on Bay Street when she saw the defendant coming from the opposite direction.

She told the Court that Cambridge accosted her saying; “watch alyo, yo playing thing and breed fo yo step father.”

Being agitated by the rude comments she struck back telling Cambridge, “yo dus (expletive) yo daughter dem and den put dem in yo shop.”

After the heated exchange of words, she said he poked her in her forehead with his finger and she poked him back.

He then hit her with his fist.

“He cuffed me three times in my mouth, lick out one of my teeth,” she recalled.

Telling his side of the ordeal on that day, Cambridge said, he was coming from Randy’s Supermarket and heading towards the Corea’s Car Park. He said he passed the defendant travelling in the opposite direction and then he heard, “Yo stinkin muda (expletive) peppy, yo dus (expletive) yo daughters and wen yo finish yo dus put dem in yo shop.”

He said he turned back and asked the Williams, “What do you know about me and my daughters?” Cambridge asked.

She then push her hand in his face and pushed him.

He pushed back and she started hitting him with her slipper.

Magistrate Browne told the accused that he was in fact the aggressor in the whole incident because he decided to take the law into his own hands instead of bringing it to court.

“I do not like men who hit women, stop it,” commanded Browne.