From the Courts
November 3, 2006

Come carry me ’round

There is one popular saying that goes “a hungry man is an angry man” and that statement proved itself to be true as one man nearly caused a ruckus at the Serious Offences Court last Wednesday morning.

Kimrom McDowall, a labourer of Redemption Sharpes, whose case had already been called for possession of firearms, was sitting on the remand bench where all the prisoners were seated when he made a loud outburst in the middle of the court proceedings.{{more}}

“Alyo come carry me round prison nah, ah hungry Jed.”

Officers in the court told the young man to lower his voice but he did not cease.

One officer attempted to handcuff McDowall but he kept pulling away his hand, “Way you war handcuff ma two hands fa, put de other half pan de man next to me.” Acting Senior Magistrate, Sharda Sinanan Bollers put her foot down and demanded order is made in her courtroom.

“Young man, why are you behaving like that, please control yourself,” said the Magistrate.

He calmed and the court sitting resumed.