Gibson handed 5-year sentence
From the Courts
October 20, 2006

Gibson handed 5-year sentence

Just A week after being brought to the Serious Crimes Court for the murder of Lakita Duke, Ali Gibson found himself in familiar territory at the hands of the law.

Gibson, who was charged for aggravated burglary and grevious bodily harm on Mavis Stay of Diamond, was sentenced to a five-year concurrent sentence on each charge. Gibson was brought before the High Court on Monday where he changed his plea from not guilty to guilty.{{more}}

On December 24, 2004 Mavis Stay was at her home lying in her bed about 2 a.m. when she was awakened by a sound. As she got up to see what or who it was, she met the defendant with a knife in his hand and asked “Ali you come to kill me?” It was said that Gibson rushed at the helpless lady and held the knife to her throat while she screamed, and a struggle ensued between the two.

Reports further noted that he was choking her and telling her to shut up. Her niece had to come to her assistance while he had Mavis on the ground with his foot placed on her neck. He chased the niece to the porch where he tried pushing her over the wall.

As a result, Mavis received injuries to her neck, left forearm and her right eye.

“Because of people like you, persons are no longer safe in their own houses,” Justice Lyle St Paul said before passing sentence on the 27-year old labourer.

Gibson had 10 previous convictions of a similar nature and is currently serving an eight year prison sentence for robbery. His troubles are a far cry from being over as November 21 is the date set aside for the Preliminary Inquiry into the murder of Lakita Duke.