From the Courts
February 24, 2006
Magistrate enforces dress code in Court

Persons coming to the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown will now have to be properly attired upon entering the courtroom.

Newly appointed Magistrate, Donald Browne, made this clear last Monday morning at the sitting of the court. {{more}}

The Magistrate said he found it highly offensive when males appearing before the court had earrings in their ears, chains hanging out their shirts and short pants. “This doesn’t look good; when you come to this court, present yourself in a proper manner,” the magistrate said sternly.

The opposite sex was not forgotten as the magistrate made it abundantly clear to the women seated in court that they are to dress themselves appropriately. “No short skirts above the knee and no sleeveless tops.”

One young man who took the stand early that morning had to be sent outside to put his pants properly on his waist.

The magistrate stated that persons would only be accepted in the court with short pants and sleeveless tops if they were arrested and brought to court on the same day.