From the Courts
February 24, 2006
Kingstown Park robber gets 7 years in prison

An act of Robbery that occurred on November 3, 2004 has resulted in 29-year-old Roland Jack of Kingstown Park having to spend the next seven years of his existence at Her Majesty’s Prison.

Jack was charged for robbing Arnaldo Turtin, a Security Guard of Rockies, in the Vicinity of Grenville Street. The incident occurred while a public meeting was being held at the Market Square where Turtin was at the time.{{more}}

The court heard that Turtin was accompanying a woman through an alley and that Jack followed Turtin and the woman through the alley and proceeded to rob them.

Jack then told Turtin to take off his pants and Turtin replied by saying, “I only have $120.”

After Turtin took off his trousers, Jack stole a quantity of items valued at $410.

Jack, who pleaded guilty to the offence, told Justice Gertel Thom that he was very sorry for causing embarrassment to Turtin.

“I am very remorseful for what I did and at the time I was under the influence of drugs and bad company,” Jack told the court.

Justice Thom took into account the accused’s previous conviction of burglary and said that he needed to be rehabilitated. She was of the opinion that the prison’s Literacy Program would be of assistance to him.

His sentence will begin from the day he was taken into custody.