From the Courts
January 27, 2006
Accused: Why Me?

Last Tuesday at the Magistrate’s Court in Kingstown Anthony Lewis, a labourer of Campden Park, raised his hands to the heavens asking the Lord, ‘why me?’ as Magistrate Carlyle Dougan sentenced him to one-month imprisonment for indecent exposure.{{more}}

Lewis was charged on January 12 for urinating in front of the Central Police Station. It was heard that Lewis stood in front the station, zipped his pants down and proceeded to urinate in front of Police Officers.

In his dramatic efforts to convince Magistrate Dougan of his innocence, he said: “I really wanted to pee urgently and I jus’ zip down my pants and pee on the other side of de road, me ain’t urinate in front of no police.”

“What you did is very disrespectful, not only to law officials but the country,” said Magistrate Dougan as his sentence was passed.