From the Courts
October 21, 2005

Man placed on $300 bond for one year

Elroy McNeil of Kingstown Hill was placed on a bond for one year in the sum of $300 or two months in jail.

He was charged with having a knife in his possession on Saturday, October 15, at Bay Street. When he appeared at the Magistrates’ Court in Kingstown last Monday before Senior Magistrate, Carl Joseph, he pleaded guilty to the charge.{{more}}

Reports state that at about 7:30 p.m. in front of the Central Police Station, a woman came running towards the Police officers asking for help. They saw the defendant running behind her with his hand in his right pocket. An officer immediately summoned McNeil and asked to conduct a search. The knife was found in his right pocket. He was subsequently arrested and charged.

In his explanation, the petite man told the court that he had been constantly harassed by the woman for two days prior to the incident and that he received injuries about his body while she was harassing him. He said, “I was only trying to protect myself.”