Murder accused makes double appearance
From the Courts
June 17, 2005

Murder accused makes double appearance

Murder accused Selwyn Foye, a chauffeur of Carierre in the Marriaqua Valley may find himself making several court appearances soon.

Foye who was charged with the February 10, 2004, murder of Percy Browne should see his matter being pursued by Acting Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams.

When Foye previously visited the dock, he did so charged with aggravated burglary and the rape of Decima John which occurred at Cane End, February 3, 2003.

After Foye pleaded not guilty to both charges, Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle adjourned the matter to a later date at the Assizes.

Decima John was gunned down on her way to an outside toilet at her home July 6, 2004, just one day before she was scheduled to appear in court to give evidence in the case of rape in which she was the victim.