Wayne keen on getting results from police
From the Courts
May 20, 2005

Wayne keen on getting results from police

Popular singer Wayne Keane has been haunted during the past three years over the loss of his son Lomando ‘Tiba’ Bynoe.

Tiba, a resident of Paul’s Avenue, went missing July 29, 2002, and to date there has been no closure. {{more}}

A series of bizarre events early in August 2002 led to concerns about the missing Tiba’s fate. A badly burnt corpse, discovered in late August in Digro, a district beyond Chateaubelair, was believed to be that of the missing youth.

That same month a bruised and battered Jamal Dyer turned up early one Sunday morning at the Layou Police Station. Dyer claimed he had made a dramatic escape from the trunk of his rental vehicle R5058 after he had been kidnapped by some persons.

It was not until Dyer gave the police some crucial information that another look was taken at the corpse, discovered earlier.

When the badly burnt corpse was first found, it had been suggested that it was that of a woman. This was later corrected by the Police.

It was speculated that the decomposing corpse may have been that of Tiba Bynoe. Relatives were invited to send in blood samples.

According to the missing youth’s father, a sister gave the Police a blood sample on their request. Keane however told the Searchlight that “they have not given any result.”

As far as Keane is concerned, the matter is incomplete.

“What we were waiting on was the result from the Police. They said they sent the samples to Jamaica,” Wayne Keane said.

He is hoping that some communication will be made on the issue. But he is not allowing the developments to overshadow his life.

Keane, who recently returned from Canada, is preparing for the 2005 Carnival season with renditions for this year: ‘Retribution’ and ‘Hungry Man.’

He still hopes for justice with each passing day.