From the Courts
May 20, 2005

Sheen to keep the peace

Commar Sheen, a 21-year-old, better known as ‘Crampey’ of Layou, has been sentenced to six months imprisonment after he appeared at the Magistrate’s Court on a charge of unlawfully wounding Joel ‘Boy Boy” Paterson of the same address.

The incident took place on May 13, 2005, at a shop in Layou where both Patterson and Sheen were playing a game called ‘money to money’. {{more}}

The defendant told the court he got into an argument with Patterson after recognising that he was playing the game unfairly. The argument reached a point where both Patterson and Sheen were seen pushing each other.

In his evidence, Sheen said Patterson told him he was going home for his gun and would return.

Sheen said he left the area and went to another shop when Patterson returned with a cutlass. He said that it was during a tussle that he managed to get away the cutlass from Patterson and struck him across his neck with the weapon. Patterson sustained a wound across his neck of about 4-5 centimetres.

Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph told the defendant Commar Sheen: “Listening to you, you are a dangerous fellow. You need to keep the peace” “I believe that you went for his neck. You could have planned him on his arm, leg or somewhere else. I have considered this incident thoroughly and it cannot be treated lightly. You need to be taught a lesson,” the magistrate concluded.

The court was told that four year ago, Sheen, then 17 years old, appeared before Senior Magistrate Joseph charged with stabbing someone in their face with a knife.