From the Courts
May 20, 2005

Man told ‘play mas behind bars this year

A young man of Vermont has received a three-month sentence for robbing 70-year-old retired Vibert Williams of the same address of his public assistance monies.

Reports are that on May 4, 2005 in Penniston, the elderly man gave Nigel Parsons of Vermont, the defendant, his ID card to collect his monthly public assistance allowance of $125.{{more}}

The court heard that Parsons never turned up with the elderly man’s money and was apprehended by Police on May 14 , 2005.

Asked by Senior Magistrate Carl Joseph, what he had done with the money, the defendant said he paid it down on a carnival costume with SVG Players International.

The Senior Magistrate in response told the young man that he would not be playing mas this year. Joseph said “as a matter of fact you will be playing mas behind the bars this year. You will remember that in 2005 you spent Carnival in Her Majesty’s Prison for robbing an elderly man.”