From the Courts
February 25, 2005
Grenadians held for ganja

The question of regional unity seems to be taking root. But some persons are not using the normal channels and now their actions have brought them into serious clash with the Vincentian security services.

Over the last weekend, four Grenadians were arrested and charged with possession of cannabis here. They were held in two separate operations. {{more}}

Richard Simon, a 28-year-old steel bender of Grenada and Kimron Charles a 19-year-old Petit Martinique labourer, were charged with having 354 pounds at Bequia last Friday, February 18.

The other compatriots, Steve Phillips, 25, and Floyd Barbour, 20, both masons, were charged for having 15 pounds of marijuana in their possession.

They were intercepted at Union Island in the Southern Grenadines the same Friday.