Two jailed for marijuana
From the Courts
January 28, 2005
Two jailed for marijuana

Twenty-five-year-old Rudolph Samuel of Campden Park and Orlando Samuel, 25, of Argyle were imprisoned on marijuana possession charges Tuesday afternoon. {{more}}

Both men were among three Vincentians and two Dominicans who were arrested by local Coast Guard officers at Richmond Point on June 5, last year, in a drug bust which netted 1,107 pounds of marijuana.

Rudolph was charged with possessing 105 pounds of the controlled substance and Orlando was charged with possessing 128 pounds. The other Vincentian, Lennox John, 42, of Campden Park was charged with possessing 307 pounds of marijuana.

All three pleaded not guilty to their charges on Tuesday, but at the end of the trial Rudolph and Orlando Samuel were found guilty as charged while John was acquitted. Rudolph was sentenced to 21 months in prison and Orlando was sentenced to 24 months.

The Dominicans, Dawson James, 36, and Rawlins Rolle, 24, were jointly charged with possessing 567 lbs of marijuana with intent to supply. Rolle pleaded guilty last year and was sentenced to 33 months and the charge against James was withdrawn.